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If your organization is a Startup, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) or Non-Profit Organization (NPO) we gladly offer special conditions (pro bono if you qualify too). 

Executive Search

The fundamentals of locating and attracting highly skilled senior leadership talent to an organization (executive search) haven’t radically changed over the last decades. What has changed is the pace of technological innovation and business transformation. Given these dynamics we see plenty of opportunities to continuously improve, innovate and digitize parts of our business to further increase our value proposition. We are actively working on this constant transformation and feel privileged to live in times of change. We embrace VUCA and are sure that the human element will be of increased importance as digitization continues. 

Consulting in the field of executive search involves two contrasting elements which we find truly fascinating: Art and Science.

Science: The typical search process is and used to be sequential in nature (“waterfall”). Each step is conducted once and only started if the previous is completed. Our “agile” approach on the other hand uses best practices initially developed in the software industry (iterations, sprints, continuous testing) resulting in a more efficient, adaptable and collaborative approach emphasizing cultural fit. 

We use both methods with lots of success but prefer as an increasing number of our clients do the latter.

Ten step process:

  1. Analyzing client requirements
  2. Creating position profile
  3. Identifying possible profiles
  4. Contacting individuals
  5. Evaluating interested candidates
  6. Producing candidate reports
  7. Presenting top contenders 
  8. Conducting reference checks
  9. Assisting selection 
  10. Supporting integration 

Art: Evaluating the cultural fit between our client and a potential candidate takes much more than a simple discussion about the organization’s culture and the candidate’s career path and skills. Only a holistic and consultative understanding of the industry, the company, the position and the candidate results in a perfect match. This is why we look behind the curtain to get to the essence of success: happiness.


We use state of the art technology in all our processes and in both aspects (art, science) of executive search. Given our keen interest and past experience in this topic we continuously scan the market and evaluate new and exciting solutions. If you are a startup active in HR-/Recruiting-Tech or similar we would love to hear from you.


Choosing the right executive search partner is not easy. There are many differentiating factors such as size (boutique, SMB, Multinational), geographic reach (local, international, global), model (integrated, franchise, network), ownership (equity/non-equity partnership, single owner), payment structure (retained, contingency) and no shortage of providers in this space. This is why we would like to list a couple of our service features:


As stated above we have successfully worked in numerous industries as we focus on leadership and mission-critical positions, recognize industry convergence and strongly believe in cross-industry experiences and the power of specialist generalists.

We are passionate about technology which is why we are specially versed in technology driven industries and functions. All things digital greatly appeal to us which is why we developed and use a digital leadership framework to find the right leaders combining the three essential non-digital digital traits. 

Leadership Consulting

We offer a diverse range of services assisting organizations in increasing their happiness by 

  • evaluating and improving their executive leadership teams (assessment)
  • developing leadership continuance strategies (succession planning)
  • growing their leaders