Fostering organizational and
professional happiness

executive search, leadership and career consulting

Nov. 15, 2020: Good progress on foundational work

The last two weeks were extremely intense and satisfying as we continue to build the foundation for our business of fostering organizational and professional happiness through executive search, leadership and career consulting. 

Given that we are already working on a couple of client assignments we had to postpone some of the items on our to-do list. Dish #1 therefore mainly focused on “backend” elements: 

  • evaluated and setup two great pieces of software to enable highly efficient and secure client and candidate interaction
  • progressed nicely on development of external website (to be launched in December)
  • began work on strategic happiness partner ecosystem

We look forward to serving dish two in December. 

Happiness and health


Nov. 1, 2020: We embarked on a mission to foster organizational and professional happiness through executive search, leadership and career consulting.

We are an experienced startup with a

  • human centric, technology oriented and business consulting mindset
  • passion to do things differently, challenge the status quo and constantly evolve
  • strong belief in internal and external collaboration & cocreation through an interface and ecosystem approach

At this moment we are in the kitchen getting ready to serve our first dish.

Have a great day full of happiness


dish #2 to be served in: